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A warm welcome!

My name is Sami and I am the creator of Books To Read website.

I have a university degree in English language and literature. I speak a few more languages, conversational level, and below, and I am currently learning Japanese for a reason. Despite the fact that I had started my career as a secondary school teacher in a private school but I always hated teaching. And although I was patient enough; yet I never loved what I had been doing.

I gave it up, in the end.

I worked for a couple of years in tourism and hospitality, call centers, marketing…

Fast forward to 2015. I quit my job for a reason; family. And that’s the time when I started the online business.

It’s never been easy working online, it just takes time, perseverance, hard work, and patience.

So, I started this website recently because I always had a passion for the digital stuff. I also love to cook as I follow a high protein diet needed as a weight lifter. Moreover, I run a micro-niche food blog. Oh yeah, that’s what I enjoy cooking the most! I pretty much know how to cook every single local meal as close to perfection as it should be.

The purpose of this website is to allow the reader to have access to any ebook/book more freely, simply by downloading it in a PDF format, of course, if they prefer so, rather than being restricted to a specific platform/device, or simply by reading it online. On the other hand, I chose to list smoothly on my website as many ebooks as I can get my hands on without the limitations imposed by other third parties…

This website is set up using the WooCommerce plugin where you would normally see the price of each book and the add to cart button under each list. However, all of the ebooks listed are now “totally for free” in exchange for a roughly 2-minute little survey by clicking on the “Download Free Now” button at the bottom of every product page, you will be granted full instant access to Google Drive where I am storing all of the ebooks of this website, and it keeps updating every time.

I do not like surveys either but that’s how we expect to monetize our website in parallel with minimum Google ads displayed in order to maintain good user experience. Without your support, we cannot continue to make this website successful and list more valued books for you. Just like the proverb says: “benefit me and I benefit you back”☻

Now that I do other work in parallel, I am trying to keep this website as updated as possible and I do have access to a huge database of noteworthy books that I haven’t uploaded yet to Google Drive. If you are looking for a particular ebook, there is a high chance that it is available. Please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form.

Kindly feel free to share my blog on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social platform which you frequently use.

Thank you for your time and your visit.

Have a Good Read!