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Social Media Hacking 101: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Accounts



Social Media Hacking 101:
Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Accounts

In this eBook, you will learn how to ethically hack Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts as well as smartphones by sending an image file using various methods.

All of these methods of hacking, either social accounts or/and smartphones, are just for educational purposes only. If you misuse these hacking skills, then we are not responsible for the consequences that may occur.


This ebook is intended for users who:

  • Have already installed Kali Linux OS.
  • Have minimum knowledge about or familiar with the terminal and executing commands.

Table of Content

1. Understanding The Concept of IP Addresses

What is an IP Address?
What Are the Types of IPs?
Why Would You Use a Static IP Address?
Static VS Dynamic IP Addresses
Disadvantages of Using a Static IP Address
How to Set a Static IP Address in Windows?
Fake a Static IP with a Dynamic DNS Service

2. Changing the IP Address
Proxy chain
Tor Browser
VPN (Virtual Private Network)

3. Phishing Attack
What is Phishing Attack?
How To Hack Facebook Using Phishing Attack With Shadowaves

4. Brute Force Attack
Facebook Hacking With Brute Force Attack
Email Hacking With Brute Force Attack

5. SIM Cloning
What is SIM Cloning?
SIM Cloning Preparation
SIM Card Unlocking Steps
Cloning a SIM Card

6. Resetting Passwords
7. Creating a Trojan Virus To Hack Android Devices
8. Binding a Virus Into An Image To Hack Android Devices